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Principles of Positive Training And Leadership

Training should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. The more you understand about how your dog thinks and learns, the more effectively you can communicate, which leads to successful training and good behavior. There is no need for coercion or physical corrections. All courses offer Clicker Training if desired.

The Key Concepts of Positive Training are:

Behavior that is rewarded is more likely to reoccur. Dogs do what works for them. If your dog was given praise/reward last time he sat, he is more likely to sit again the next time you ask. If he knows that barking will earn your attention, he’ll keep barking, as your attention is a desired reward.

Dogs learn by association. Good behavior earns good rewards, poor behavior loses something the dog desires.

Reward behaviors you want, rather than punishing behaviors you don’t want. We are accustomed to correcting “mistakes” our dogs make; Positive Training focuses on noticing and rewarding “good” behaviors.

“Extinction”. If a behavior is ignored, it will eventually extinguish on its own, as the dog fails to get what it wants from the behavior, usually Attention.

Positive reinforcement is something the dog wants. This is not just about food treats! A reward can be petting, praise, fetch, play, sniffing the grass, or saying hello to another dog. The sky’s the limit. We will identify the things your dog finds most rewarding, and use them to shape the behaviors you want! Treats are used initially, as they are so rewarding for most dogs, but we “fade” these out for real-life rewards, like Petting and Praise that will ensure the Good Behavior continues.

Find an alternate behavior. When you want your dog to stop doing something, give him something Positive to do instead—that is, something that is the opposite of the behavior you don’t want with a desired behavior.

Raise criteria gradually in small increments, building upon each success. Positive Training is based on success and building the dog’s confidence and reinforcing each skill learned. Raising criteria gradually eliminates the need for correction by setting your dog up to succeed.

Positive Training is fun! Results can be quick and upbeat, and Success is easily measured. It is all about building a Loving and Positive Relationship with your Dog!! You will be the Benevolent Leader, by becoming the Source of Valued Resources for the Dog, and insuring that the Dog learns what Behaviors will Earn the Desired Rewards!!!!




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