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How We Can Help You and Your Dog!!


  • Private Lessons In The Comfort of Your Home
  • Detailed Assessment of Your Needs and Goals
  • Special Custom Training Programs Designed to Reach Goals
  • Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Lifestyle
  • Single or Packaged Sessions
  • Leadership Classes, Behavior Advice/Consulting
  • Positive Methods Only


  • Adolescent/Adult Leadership Programs
    Multiple session programs (usually 5 to 7 sessions) to assist in teaching your Dog Core Cues, like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Loose-leash Walking, Gentle, Leave-it, and Off-Leash Behavior Goal is to establish your Relationship with the Dog as a Benevolent Leader, and to teach the Dog “Good Manners”

    Methods are based on Shaping Behavior and Positive Reinforcement primarily through Clicker Training and Food/Praise Luring

  • Puppy Socialization Programs
    Most Impressionable and Sensitive Development Stage for your Dog
    • Introduce Puppy to Core Cues
    • Help build Puppy’s Confidence through Success
    • Assist and advise you on the right way to introduce Puppy to situations in a Non-Stressful Manner

Developmental Course that WILL help AVERT many potential behavioral issues in the future


  • Problems with jumping, nipping, chewing, bolting out the door, “counter- surfing”? Barking, separation anxiety, digging, loud noises, etc.?
    • We can help Modify these Behavioral Issues with Alternative Behavior Training
  • Thinking about getting a Dog? Let us assist with:
    • Selecting a Breed that fits your lifestyle
    • Finding a Reputable Breeder
    • Helping With Selecting a Shelter/Rescue Dog
    • How to Assess a Puppy’s Temperament
  • New Addition to the Family? Have Children at Home?
    • Introducing a New Dog to your Home - Have other Pets now?
    • Baby coming? Let us help you with Introducing Baby and the Dog
    • Special Class available for Children and how they interact and play with the Dog. Fun ways to include them in the Training Process.


Please call Bill Weiler at Paws N’ Effect LLC (603 493-0780) with any Questions or Special Needs you may have with your Best Friend!

Discounts are available for Programs with Dogs recently Adopted/Rescued from a local Shelter/Rescue League

Paws N’ Effect LLC
Deerfield, NH
Cell: 603-493-0780
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