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Program Descriptions

Private in-home Courses available; also Consultation for specific behavioral issues. Emphasis is on providing individual, focused attention to the Client. Individual Training Programs are designed for Private Clients addressing the specific needs of the dog based on breed, age, history, and your goals. Sessions emphasize Leadership, Socialization, and Confidence Building.

My Goal is to assist owners in building and maintaining Loving, Lifelong Relationships with their Dogs based on positive and rewarding training. Positive Methods are emphasized. Sessions include "Puppy Socialization," "Puppy's A Juvenile!" (usually dogs 5 to 9 months), and "Adolescent Leadership" (older dogs with no prior formal training).

Why Choose Paws n’ Effect LLC?

All of Our Training/Consulting Programs Offer...

  • Individual, One-on-One Attention
  • Flexible Scheduling To Meet Your Lifestyle
  • Hands-On, In-Home Training
  • “Field Trips” For Better Socialization
  • Positive Methods and Equipment Only
  • Clicker Training, If Desired
  • Personalized Training Schedule to Meet Your Goals

All of Our Training/Consulting Programs Are Based On...

  • A Client Information Form You Provide With the Dog’s History, Health, and Behaviors
  • Our Detailed, Comprehensive Behavioral/Temperament Assessment, if Needed
  • A Personal Interview With You To Establish Our Training Objectives

All of Our Training/Consulting Programs Include...

  • Review of Prior Sessions and Assessment of Progress or Issues to be Resolved
  • “Homework” Assignments Prepared Especially For the Dog’s Program, to Assist With Your Weekly Training Process
  • Handouts Addressing Specific Issues or General Dog Ownership Issues

All of Our Training/Consulting Fees Are...

  • Based on the Complexity of the Training and the Number of Sessions Agreed On Fees Are Not Hourly, But Per Session. If A Session Goes Longer, It Is Same Rate. If A Dog Is Succeeding At A Session, We Will Keep Training!
  • Adopted Dogs From A Local, Recognized Shelter or Rescue Will Receive A Discount

Click here to download the Client Information Form


Paws N’ Effect LLC
Deerfield, NH
Cell: 603-493-0780
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